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Jeeves at Sea                          Sept. 11–27

Twentieth Century                  Nov. 13–22

Outside Mullingar                   Mar. 11–26

Visiting Mr. Green                     May 6–22

Women Who Steal                  June 10–26

Artists’ Ensemble is a professional theater in northern Illinois. We build character(s).

AE produces a 5-show season of Equity theater performed in the Clark Arts Center, located on the campus of Rockford University.

  AE was the subject of a feature segment on
  CBS This Morning. Watch the story HERE.

Next season, get carried away aboard a private yacht, a luxury train, by love, by temper, by court order or by too much tequila. AE’s 12th season is all about getting caught up in the ridiculous, the romantic,
and the riveting stories
on the AE stage. Read more.

Jeeves at Sea

Bertie Wooster and Jeeves set sail for the jolly old Riviera. All is smooth sailing until Bertie’s talent for trouble leads to stormy seas with mischievous Lady Stella, dithery Miss Pilbeam, and the twins, Percival and Alfred Crumpworth. AE’s twelfth season opens on September 11.