May 9-25

Sept. 6-22

Mar. 14-30

June 13-29

Dec. 6-22

We’re making history!

Join us for our historic 10th season in 2013-14. To celebrate, AE is staging outrageous comedy, heartfelt drama, an enchanting holiday musical and a new history mystery!

The season opens with vampires and mummies and werewolves (Oh, my!) in the hilarious gothic comedy, The Mystery of Irma Vep.

December brings an enchanting holiday musical, The Gifts of the Magi. In March, uncover the greatest literary deception (maybe) of all time in The Shakespeare Conspiracy.

Four rational adults meet for a calm, civilized chat. However chaos erupts and quickly escalates into all out war in the award-winning comedy God of Carnage.

Finally, fall in love with 17-year old Ernestine and her 1950 Brooklyn family in Crumbs from the Table of Joy.

Subscriptions are flying out the door for our heavenly 11th! From Oscar Wilde to Will Rogers, have we got

a season for you!

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Don’t miss this
comedy of manners, minus the manners.
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In 1950,

Ernestine and her family have moved to Brooklyn, a magical wonderland to this girl from the rural South. Read