Welcome to AE’s 15th season of laughter, intrigue, love, and mystery.

Women in Jeopardy   by Wendy MacLeod • Sept. 6–23 

Women in Jeopardy by Wendy MacLeod • Sept. 6–23 


Liz has a new man in her life and her best friends, Mary and Jo are really happy for her. Sort of. They want to be supportive, but they have a nagging suspicion that the new boyfriend is a serial killer. “The laughs come fast and furious.” – Boston Globe

A Picasso   by Jeffrey Hatcher • Nov. 29 – Dec. 9

A Picasso by Jeffrey Hatcher • Nov. 29 – Dec. 9


1941. Pablo Picasso is still in Nazi-occupied Paris, still painting, but no longer permitted to exhibit his “degenerate” art in public. Then he is arrested and brought before a woman from the German Ministry of Culture. “Impressive sensitivity and wit.” — New York Daily News

A Christmas Carol , A Radio Play  • December 14–16

A Christmas Carol, A Radio Play • December 14–16

A Christmas Carol, A RADIO PLAY  TICKETS

Notoriously temperamental Everett Kane is playing Scrooge on the the annual broadcast of A Christmas Carol. If he shows up. And if things go according to plan. They don't. One week only!

Silent Sky   by Lauren Gunderson • March 7–17, 2019

Silent Sky by Lauren Gunderson • March 7–17, 2019


In 1905 Henrietta packs her bags for an exciting new job as a “computer” at Harvard Observatory. But she soon discovers her role there is limited. Her mind, however, is not. Lyrical, magical, and funny, this is the inspiring tale of a woman who, quite literally, changed the way we see the universe.

Chapatti   by Christian O’Reilly • March 22–24, 2019

Chapatti by Christian O’Reilly • March 22–24, 2019


Lonely, middle-aged Dan lives in Dublin and worries over his aging dog, Chapatti. Betty is also an animal lover. She has 19 cats. Can this mismatched pair come to terms? One week only!

Sherlock Holmes & the Precarious Position   by Margaret Raether, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle • May 9–26

Sherlock Holmes & the Precarious Position by Margaret Raether, from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle • May 9–26


The Baker Street Boys are back in this world premiere Sherlock Holmes adventure. When a nervous client consults Holmes about a job offer that is too good to be true, but too tempting to pass up, it leads to a mystery that baffles Scotland Yard and, perhaps, even the world’s first consulting detective.